All our products are Internet centric based on four pillars of Social, Mobile, Cloud & Big Data. Our products will be cutting edge with latest technology & software embedded which will enhance or satisfy consumers’ lifestyle. Product designers are simple but effective and power packed features.


Social business software, collaboration, interaction models, integrations over the web, and social media are important areas where we continuously work on building expertise and teams. User experience design plays a key role, particularly with increased capabilities of modern browsers. Our teams are constantly experimenting internally on the interplay of such new technologies and user expectations.

Bujju is one among them and is a multi-vendor online e-commerce store exclusively for women. And by visiting this site women can select their own choices of their taste. Major advantage is it is the fulfillment of multiple vendors (They have various designer dresses). So that we can expect various designer wears in almost all categories we have in bujju which are unique in quality.


Bugili is a deals website. Using PHP as a platform we are developing this application to provide profitable and consistent deals.


Recognizing the growing importance of mobile devices in recent years, we have been working on specialty mobile platforms, designing for the small screen, harnessing location and device-specific capabilities, and developing mobile apps that complement web apps.

UCOM is going to be such a great mobile application from our part.


It’s a software to update the products in database in a specific format. It will save time for updating the product records in database.

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