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S2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Naren Reddy in Bangalore. It founded as product based software firm. s2 software solutions Pvt. Ltd. has carefully crafted a niche for itself as an I T Solutions company.

Building on this early success, S2si started to invest in a number of critical enterprise technologies, going on to become one of India's leading software product companies. The company has carved out a rare and unique path in India's impressive technological landscape - as a technology and product innovator.

S2si invests in cutting-edge technologies and people to create independent companies. The company employs consulting and delivery teams across three global locations.

S2SI is dedicated to providing its customers with the industry's broadest and deepest set of heterogeneous products for enhancing the productivity of software developers and data management professionals.

With Passion, Empathy and Integrity as its core driving force, delivers value to its customers spread across a wide spectrum of industries, levels and countries through a team of vibrant, competent and dedicated professionals. Our core top management team is highly educated who has Engineering degrees, Masters in USA and MBA in USA qualifications with over 20 years of Software development & execution experience in USA.

Eminent talents developed and nurtured internally manage every office. Also continuously upgrades its systems and processes through appropriate investment in new and more efficient technologies with the core objective of creating higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Today is recognized as a corporate body with strong values and ethics, a skilled, competent and dedicated work force aided by appropriate technology… an ideal blend to explore and build international markets…

We strive to deliver products and value to our customers with the same enthusiasm, passion and pride since its founding year.

Our constant endeavor is to mesh seamlessly with our customers so as to become an integral part of their businesses and a source of competitive advantage to them. As a means to achieve this objective, we ensure that our processes are customer driven, wherein we assimilate our customers' processes into our delivery, quality and measurement processes that shows we are customer-centric.

Our mission is to strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our service.

To be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and value services to our Customers, Employees and Investors.

We must re-think the way we work, and implement automated business processes based on well-designed, intelligent software systems. But this is not enough. Implementing new processes and systems the proper way is even more important, and requires expertise.

We see ourselves as your dedicated partner, offering turnkey solutions and sharing our expertise to provide you with rich, efficient and valuable software solutions.

S2 Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is strongly supported by technical team from India and abroad who are striving to develop and supply world class software professionals to meet the customer needs.

S2 Solutions Pvt. Ltd. need-driven deployment of domain and technology expertise brings to customers a range of solutions and products that enhance performance and competitiveness.

As experts in the field, we have chosen our team to understand that each customer's requirement is unique, and to collaborate with our customers so as to tailor make the services to meet individual needs and give best-of-breed IT solutions.

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